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Combrinck & Schutte (Combrinck & Associates) is a specialized Debt Recovery Agency that has been in existence for 23 years.

The company has a base of more than 1200 clients/companies and a debtor base of over 18 000 000. The success of our Company’s amazing growth and popularity over the last 23 years stems mainly from a concentrated team effort to provide a superior Debt Recovery Service to its diverse customer base, assuring the relationship between customer and business remains amicable after debt has been settled.

Combrinck & Schutte is run by a highly experienced team. Melissa von Basten heads up the Debt Recovery Agency which she has been doing with great success from the beginning. The Management & staff of Combrinck & Schutte have more than 80 years of combined experience between them in delinquent Debt Recovery. Apart from spending a lot of time on the training of personnel, Melissa 

endeavors to improve the speed and efficiency of Combrinck & Associates services with the latest technological trends and tools including becoming increasingly interactive and offering all our services via the World Wide Web. This will make Combrinck & Associates available to more South Africans in their personal and professional capacity. In the past year the Company has introduced many new and innovative Debt Recovery techniques that have already precipitated a major reaction in legal circles.


Constant attention to detail and a concentrated effort to address the needs of the Medical and business community of the Vaal Triangle and now also in George Western Cape, and soon the whole of South Africa, has been and will be instrumental to the continued success of Combrinck & Schutte now and into the future.

Service excellence, value innovation, superior software technology and an in-house legal support team distinguishes us as one of the forerunners in Delinquent Debt Recovery.




Exceptional Client service, quick and efficient debt recovery and effective debtor rehabilitation lays at the core of our company's vision. 

We endeavor to successfully 

recover all outstanding monies for our Clients and furthermore endeavor to successfully rehabilitate the debtor so as to not damage or taint the reputation of our Client or his business and ensuring that a good business relationship remains a possibility once debt has been settled. 

We furthermore endeavor to always remain conscious of the fact that we are dealing with human beings and the very essence of their survival ie their finances. We will always operate within the confines of the law and pledge to never overstep any ethical boundaries. 

This is a matter of Delivery with Honor and service excellence. 

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